Hey Pards!  Remember-there's 'nothin' to lose' this Saturday night at the Beacon when we welcome Josh Gracin to town for a super concert.

Cowboy plans on being there provided security doesn't recognize me.  And if I should just happen to get myself backstage, here are...

The Top 11 Questions That I Plan On Asking Josh Gracin

11)   Be honest.  How's it feel to be in the same room with me?

10)  What is Simon Cowell really, really, really  like?

9)  How would you feel about singing backup on my next album?

8)  Can you get me Miranda Lambert's number?

7)  Wanna take in some Roller Derby before the show?

6)  What are you doing August 6th and 7th?

5)  Do you always wear 'lifts' in your boots?

4)  You haven't seen security around, have you?

3)  Can I have a sip of that?

2)  Have you ever seen this many fine 'badonkadonks' all in one place?

...and the number 1 question Cowboy Troy has for Josh Gracin...

1)  So, the Events Center must have been busy tonight, huh?

Don't forget!  We're going to have a great time this Saturday night.  Advance tickets still on sale at the Beacon Club in Mills.

Are you ready for Josh Gracin?