NCAA, NIT, CBI, CIT... What's next? It seems as though NCAA College Basketball is taking a page from their money making football brethren. As a couple of new turnaments have sprouted up to give teams left out of the big dance, another chance at post-season stardom.

First it was just the NCAA and the NIT. But in the past few years the "CIT" for College Invitational Tournament and the "CBI" for Postseason Tournament have offered mid-major teams post season glory. Why? The answer is "Why Not"!

Making it to the post season in any sport is a reward, and these two new tournaments offer smaller programs a place to play after a good regular season.

As the NCAA tournament and NIT get rolling, the lesser CBI and CIT will be playing as well. Only without all the TV ratings and press coverage.

Our Wyoming Cowboys will be hosting their first round game in the CBI tournament against North Dakota State on Wednesday night, with the game coverage being carried on our sister station K2 radio beginning at 6:30p.

Here is the first-round schedule:

Tuesday, March 13: Milwaukee vs. TCU, Washington State vs. San Francisco, Princeton vs. Evansville

Wednesday, March 14: Western Illinois vs. Oregon State, North Dakota State vs. Wyoming, Delaware vs. Butler, Quinnipiac vs. Penn, Wofford vs. Pittsburgh

Congratulations to our UW Cowboys on making their first post season tournament since 2009 and we wish them the best of luck in the CBI tournament.