Hey guys and gals! I thought I'd share a very important part of my life and one that everyone should be forced to enjoy - jury duty. It's our civic duty as Americans and a great way to find out about how our judicial system operates. 

This will actually be my fourth time to enjoy it. My dad is always jealous of me when I tell him that I've been selected once again. Sorry you had to find out about it in a blog this time, pops! Better luck next time!

In honor of this great honor in my life, your honor, I hereby swear to provide you with my top 11 reasons why I'm looking forward to jury duty.


11)  I can handle the truth

10)  More money than I usually make for a day's work

  9)  All the elevator rides I can stand

  8)  Great web blog content

  7)  A chance to get up close and personal with juror #237

  6)  Free body searches at the courthouse

  5)  A chance to put my Law and Order experience to good use. These are my stories...Dek Dek

  4)  Get to practice my "getting out of jury duty" excuses

  3)  Looking forward to saying out loud "I OBJECT!"

  2)  Sequestration agrees with me

...and my number one reason for looking forward to jury duty...

  1)  It'll be nice to be on the other side for a change

Honorable mention (pun of course intended): It will be against the law to answer my cell phone...Yippee!