I'm sitting at the board tonight, thinking that I've been doing these posts long enough, I should start blogging a little bit more.  I mean, I know you already practically hang on my every word so why not expand on that.  I could be clever.  I could be informative.  More than likely, I'll be neither, but you never know until you try.

So here goes.

Wow!  What a week, huh?  Certainly enough to comment on, and even make a few jokes.  Now where to start...

We should probably give a quick mention to the continuing "unrest" in Africa, Asia, and The Middle East.  That's still big news.  It's hard to pass judgement on a series of uprisings, demonstrations, and conflicts that I most certainly do not know enough about, but what do I care.  Stop it, guys!  You're destroying yourselves and my chance to get gas prices below $2.50 by Summer.  I bet social networking has a lot more to do with these events that you might think.  "Grass Roots" organizing has taken on whole new levels.  Good or bad, it's part of a whole new reality.  Hopefully something resembling stablility will be able to be reached, or I might have to mention this again, next weekend.

Country is showing a lot of promise during this year's American Idol.  Scott McCreery and Lauren Alaina have both made the last cut and are now part of the top 10.  They're just lucky I'm not competing.  Also worth noting, ratings are up this year. 

The Wisconsin walk-out is about to enter its third week or something like that.  Good times for the kids.  Adults are acting like them.  Both sides will tell you they're right.  Can't believe there's no one smart enough to unite these people in resolving these issues.  Thank God Michael Moore made it!

I'm better at hanging drywall than I thought.  "Holmes on Homes" has nothing to worry about. 

Then there's Charlie Sheen.  Whoa!  Guy has gone bat-guano crazy!  He's come out of left field to instantaneously replace Lindsey Lohan at the top of the Hollywood looney pile.  Now she's got a little cover to finish her shoplif...er, shopping, and us radio announcers have material galore.  Glad he got off the drugs, he's a lot more fun now.  Hugely successful actor from a family acting dynasty, highest salary on television, made hanging out with porn stars sound cool, and now he's forever going to be known as the guy who brought the words troll, duh, winning, and tiger blood back into the vernacular.  Regardless, it's a winner!  Get help.

No joke!  N.C. Mustangs and Fillies both take 4A West Regional Basketball titles.  Awesome!  Congratulations and good luck at State.

Looking forward to the bosses coming into town to visit this week.  I'm still not really sure where they're coming from, but it better be somewhere in America.  To get ready,  I did 10 push-ups, 4 and 1/2 sit-ups and am promising to wear real pants to work.  For sure, it'll be difficult, but hey, at least it's only once every 2 years.  I know they'll be impressed.

Have a great week!