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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - No Go To Mexico
#2 - The Heat is on for Break-in Suspect
#3 - Crooks Get Butts Kicked By Ass

No Go To Mexico

A Florida man who kept calling 911 to ask for a ride ended up getting one – to the county jail, instead of to his requested drop off point in Mexico, several hundred miles away.

Alvaro Francisco made 10 calls to the emergency number over the course of one evening, requesting that someone pick him up at his home and take him to either his boss's house, a friend's house, or, in several instances, somewhere in Mexico. Each time, he was warned that needing a ride was not an emergency, but he kept up the barrage of calls until cops arrived to escort him to the lock-up.

The responding deputy noted in the report that Francisco smelled of alcohol. (Naples Daily News)


The Heat is on for Break-in Suspect

A California burglar is feeling a little steamed after cops showed up to bust him for breaking in to a home in order to steal ... a few minutes in the sauna.

Robert London was startled when the homeowner awoke to find him going through the house's kitchen cabinets and said that he'd entered the place several times before to use the hot tub and just assumed it was unoccupied.

When cops arrived to turn up the heat, they found London walking down the driveway wearing only a trench coat and socks. He faces charges of burglary and possession of stolen property. (Huffington Post)


Crooks Get Butts Kicked By Ass

Three wanna-be crooks in Colombia made asses of themselves when their robbery was foiled due to the noisiness of their getaway vehicle – an ornery, and very talkative, donkey.

The men had stolen a variety of items, including rum, oil, rice and sardines from a shop in the wee hours of the morning, but when they tried to load the bounty onto the donkey, it let loose with ear-splitting brays that woke up numerous witnesses.

The men got away, but the donkey, which had also been stolen, was detained in the town police station for 12 hours until his owner was notified and came to collect him. (Orange News)