I don't know about you, but I think I'm ready to distract myself from what seems the hopelessness of the American political landscape with even more meaningless and inconsequential drivel; beautiful nonetheless. 

In what could prove to be one of irony's biggest dreams come true, is this little gem from the National Enquirer. Yeah, that National Enquirer...the rag that broke the scoop about presidential candidate John Edwards and his mystery love child and who keeps us grocery shoppers up to date on the latest celeb touch-ups and cellulite problems. So you know this is TRUE!

O.J. "More Than Likely And I Am Paying For It" Simpson is Khloe Kardashian's dad! I know! Who would've thought that O.J. would screw around? That's what he's telling "pals!" I'm sure this would illicit a "Get Out!" and forceful shove from Elaine Benes if she were here. Isn't that crazy?! I can definitely see it, but I'll admit I'm yet to see Khloe handle a pigskin.

You can read about it right here.

Plus, in another interesting twist, there are also rumors pointing toward Khloe's mom, Kris creating the famous sibling with her hairdresser. I guess that's kind of romantic, but it just doesn't have the punch that an O.J.-Khloe relationship does.  Can't you just see them 20 years down the line, when O.J. gets out, competing on Dancing with The Washed Up Father Daughter Stars? I want front row for that one, baby! 

Ultimately, I think we could agree that it would be sad indeed if it were true.  I mean, poor O.J.!  Ooooh...I might have just crossed the line there, but I couldn't resist. 

It is sad, sad that it makes front page somewhere and interests me, and sad that there's a possibility that this wealthy, jet-set, high society princess could be the daughter of one of history's more infamous murderers. Also sad - that Khloe's mom, herself has added to the speculation. It's all going to make for some slightly entertaining television. Cash in now, girls

I really can't say what if anything will come out of this revelation...but at least I was distracted.