TMZ says it now knows what Mitt Romney's big secret is in his testimony from a divorce case back in the '90s. According to the gossip site, Romney is accused of lying under oath.

Romney was called as a witness in the messy divorce of his friend, Staples founder Tom Stemberg and testified that the office supply chain's stock was close to worthless. This would have lowered Stemberg's net worth, thus reducing the amount he'd have to pay his wife Maureen in any divorce settlements. And Romney's testimony would have carried some weight, because Bain Capital was an early investor in Staples.

Problem is, according to TMZ, Romney and Stemberg cashed in their stock in Staples for a fortune just a few weeks later. This is apparently the bombshell Gloria Allred, who represented Maureen, has been waiting to drop on the Romney campaign.

We'll know more in the next few hours and days, as the Boston Globe newspaper was successful in its motion today to get its hands on the sealed court documents related to the divorce case.

Source: TMZ