I've got to give it to the folks at Red Bull, the energy drink company that dares to push the boundaries of physical limits has taken hillbilly boat racing and make it the newest extreme sport!

Forget the gators, forget the snakes and other creepy crawlies that call the swamp home.  Here comes the newest extreme sport - Dinghy Swamp Racing!

Since 1981 country folks have been taking their 30hp dinghy motors, souping them up and racing them through the narrows and turns of the local swamp.  Today, Red Bull is helping take this sport to the next level by mixing in hundreds of spectators lining the waters edge.  Think it sounds like redneck heaven?  Take a look for yourself!!

Don't let the name fool you, these "dingies" haul butt!  Beefed up 30hp outboard motors mounted on tin crafts designed to navigate the river and local creek ways in a high speed race to the finish line. The Riverland Dinghy Derby kicked off in 1981 over a bet between mates, to see who was the fastest.