You may not have seen Luke Bryan's Tweet last week when he posted a photo of his 5-year-old son Tate with his head wrapped in gauze.  He captioned it, "Just a few stitches.  Love my Tater Tot.  Still smiling."


Luke told Taste of Country that Tate got hurt when he was rough-housing with his 7-year-old brother Bo:  Quote, "He had a little run-in with the coffee table.  He's all patched up.  He's doing good.  You can't hold him down at all."

Luke also admitted that he used his celebrity to get special treatment in the hospital.

Quote, "Some people in the ER, in some of my shenanigans out on the road where I've fallen off stage and we have to go get stitched up . . . we oblige all the girls in the ER that want the pictures.  Hey, it helps me get in there and out of there faster."

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