Dolly Parton has her own theme park. Now the bigger than life country star wants her own festival. "Dolly Parton wants to start her own festival.The 'Jolene' singer enjoyed her first experience at Glastonbury at the weekend and thinks there was a lot she could learn from it in order to stage her own music event at her Dollywood Theme Park in Tennessee.She said: ''I have a lotta land up near east Tennessee, and we do a lot of festivals through my Dollywood company. I've often thought I might start my own festival in Tennessee, or maybe I'll get some good pointers from this one.'' Parton recently appeared at Glastonbury and had one of the biggest crowds in the history of the festival. Now she thinks she can have her own. "Dolly was delighted to be asked to perform at the festival and said it made her feel like a rock star." ''I'm so excited to be part of this whole thing. I'm just a country girl, and now I feel like a rock star and I think we can have our own little festival.''