Hi-Yo...Betsy?!  This is cool!  There's a young lady in Germany who lives on a farm--ee i ee i o.  And on this farm, her parents were reluctant to get her a horse-ee i ee i o.  So, she did what any enterprising 15 year-old would do.  She taught one of  the farm cows to be ridden...and even to jump over barriers.

Meet Regina Mayer and "Luna," the incredible leaping bovine!

Regina started by leading "Luna" on walks through the woods on a halter.  Then she slowly got the cow used to human interaction and actual riding equipment.  Now the cow is not only is available for "pony" rides, but she understands commands, and even jumps.

Enjoy the video and read the actual account on Luna, the showjumping cow.

I'd be "milking" this for all it's worth!  Do you have any interesting pet stories you'd like to share?