The English costume drama ‘Downton Abbey’ is taking over America. Well, not really. But it certainly seems like it, especially since Vanity Fair printed up a series of ‘Downton Abbey’ trading cards to coincide with the show’s final episode of the second season.

Each card features a humorous painting depicting one or more of the show’s characters. Over on Vanity Fair’s website, they also offer up predictions on what will become of the residents of the Downton Abbey estate in season three.

Kidding about ‘Downton Abbey’s’ dedicated fanbase aside, the show is supposed to be quite good. In fact, the Guinness Book of Records recently recognized ‘Downton Abbey’ as the most critically acclaimed show on television, marking the first time a British show has ever been awarded the designation. Which was surprising, since we had no idea the Guinness Book of Records even doled out those kind of awards.

[via Vanity Fair]