It looks like we've "launched" into a new arena of drug smuggling.  Basically we're taking it back to the stone age, or maybe the "stoned" age.

Not content with planes, subs, boats, trucks, animals, couriers, or plants; illegal drug smugglers have resorted to using a tool that might make one exclaim, "Why didn't I think of that!"

U.S.  National Guard Border Patrol troops caught this very unique video footage of suspected smugglers hurling bales of marijuana over the U.S./Mexican Border at Bisbee, Arizona via...CATAPULT!

The good news, or the bad news, depending on how you view these things is that the Mexican authorities stepped in and disrupted the attempt, seizing 45 pounds of marijuana, an SUV, and the 3-yard tall catapult complete with flatbed.  Just see for yourself.

Not caught were the perpetrators, who more than likely would've faced serious time in the "stocks."

Back to the drawing board...