There are lots of ways to save some money around the house and some of your appliance could be running up your electric bill.

If your clothes dryer is taking too long to dry clothes it might simply need to have the vent cleaned.

Before you schedule a service call, you can try this possible quick fix.  Clean out the lint build up in the dryer venting from the inside of the dryer to the outside of the house.  You can hire a professional to do this or you can make this a low cost weekend project for yourself.

Since the lint buildup will happen again over time I purchased a long dryer vent cleaning brush (under $40) and did the vent cleaning myself.

Another related fix could be to clean or replace the dryer lint filter (around $25) as they can become clogged due to dryer sheet residue. This simple maintenance should be done at least once a year and will help prolong the life of your clothes dryer, speed up clothes drying time and will not only help save you money, but will also help prevent a dryer caused fire from starting in your lint duct.