The rare earthquake that shook the nation's capital this afternoon measured a 5.8 magnitude.  It was enough to force the evacuations of government buildings, interrupt phone service, shut down airports, trigger workers to take nuke plants off-line, and possibly tilt the national monument.

The quake zone centered in Virginia but was felt all along the eastern seaboard, through the floors of New York City high rises, and as far away as Chicago.  As you might expect when something on this scale happens in Washington D.C.--a lot of things with 'national' in the title are bound to see some damage.  The Washington National Cathedral reported that 3 or 4 stone pinnacles fell off of the central tower during the earthquake.  Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Oh yeah...and a big hurricane is bearing down too.

In the meantime, fresh reports and estimates continue to roll in and final tallies will take days.  The good news-we have as of yet to hear about any lives lost due to the earthquake.