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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - At Least Smack Your Own Kid!
#2 - Cat-Astrophe Avoided!
#3 - EB Gets Pulled Over By HP

At Least Smack Your Own Kid

A South Carolina mom was so enraged when she went to school to pick up her suspended son that she smacked him when she walked in. Problem was, she actually hit somebody else's kid.

Tyshekka Collier was called to her son's middle school in Spartanburg Wednesday to collect him and bring him home. But she hauled off on another kid who was sick and waiting for his mom to pick him up. Collier apologized to him, and then knocked her own son to the floor. Nice mom. She was charged with disturbing school and assault and battery. Her three children are in protective custody.  Source: WBTW


Cat-Astrophe Avoided!

A Nebraska man stopped for an oil change to guarantee that his car engine would keep purring and found that it was meowing as well!

Mike Kerkman pulled into a service station about 45 miles from his home and asked the attendant for a routine oil change, but when the guy opened the hood, he saw something unusual - a cat poking its head through a hole next to the washer fluid compartment. Fortunately for the kitty, who'd used up a couple of her lives on the trip, one of the mechanics knew something about veterinary medicine and managed to free her in about 90 minutes.

Kerkman says, "I just kept going, 'Oh what's this going to cost me?' They said don't worry about it! I walked out of there and I didn't have to pay anything."  Source: KTIV


Easter Bunny Gets Pulled Over By Highway Patrol

Hope you had a Happy Easter. It wasn't so happy for the Easter Bunny -- or at least for a guy dressed up as the holiday character.

The man in the rabbit suit was driving down Interstate 8 in La Mesa, California on Saturday on a red motorcycle with a sidecar when he was pulled over by a California Highway Patrol officer for not wearing a helmet. It seems a helmet and his bunny ears didn't play well together.

Although he was caught crying in a photo, it wasn't a complete rotten-egg experience for the bunny. In a possible nod to the holiday spirit, the officer opted not to give our furry friend a ticket and let him off with a warning about the dangers or riding a motorcycle without a helmet. Source: U-T San Diego