Investigators believe that electrical problems were the cause of a fire that destroyed two homes in the Upper-Dempsey Acres area near Mills Sunday afternoon.

According to Natrona county Emergency Managment Coordinator Lt. Stew Anderson, investigators have ruled out human involvement and are looking to things like power lines and electrical transformers as possible culprits.

The fire started Sunday afternoon, but, Lt. Anderson says that high winds caused the fire to quickly spread.

Nearly every fire crew in the county was called out to the Dempsey Acres blaze, working to save structures and extinguish the grass fire.

The two families who were displaced are receiving aid from the Red Cross, as well as from friends and family.

Much of the evacuation and communication between residents and emergency officials was due to the County’s CODE RED program, which notified area residents of the dangers through an automated telephone call.

Lt. Anderson says that people interested in the Code Red Emergency Notification system can enroll online at or by calling the Emergency Management office at 235-9205.