This holiday season thieves will be on the lookout for easy targets. The Denver Police have put together this quick video to help you not be a victim while shopping this year.

The Denver police offered some of these easy to follow tips.  

1. Thieves are constantly looking and watching for people to put items in their trunks. They know only the valuable stuff goes there.

2. No one pays attention to car alarms going off if it isn't their own vehicle. So don't depend on your alarm to deter a thief from smashing in your window.

3. Don't leave a purse or a bag with valuables in plain site. They also look for motions to see if people are hiding items under a seat. These are inviting gestures for a thief.

4. Use extra time to take your items to your home to secure inside while you are shopping or in between shopping destinations . The extra time may mean the difference between the items ending under your tree or someone else's.

Watch the video for other tips and highlights so you don't become a victim.