Facebook's never ending quest to strip all human beings of any and all privacy just took another big step forward.

Yesterday they announced a new feature called "Nearby Friends" where they use your friends' cell phone GPS to show you EXACTLY where they are at any time.

You can continuously track them as they move . . . and you can even get alerts when you have friends nearby.

Now, normally they'd implement this kind of change on everyone's account and you'd have to opt out in a series of annoying steps.  Fortunately they are not doing it that way this time around.

In order for your friends to see you you'll have to OPT-IN to the "Nearby Friends" feature.  So, basically you can CHOOSE if want your friends to stalk you or not.

They're rolling it out over the next few weeks on the Facebook app for the iPhone and Android.

Happy stalking! Errr... I mean Facebooking!!!