Google released a survey this month that found two-thirds of young people think they can learn just about anything by watching "how to" videos on YouTube.

But here's one person on YouTube who won't teach you much, if anything at all!!

A guy in Australia has a channel called "How To Basic" with about five million followers, and it looks just like any other YouTube channel. Even the titles of the videos are things like "How to Cook a Pizza" and "How to Skateboard."

But when you click on one of the videos, it's just complete nonsense. The whole channel is filled with parody videos that make fun of the whole "how to" trend.

Like in the pizza video, a guy starts with pizza dough, dumps about a gallon of sauce on it, adds two unbroken eggs and about a quarter-pound of cheese on top. Then he just starts smashing it all with his hands.

Apparently these videos have gotten crazier and crazier. Because the first one he did in 2011 was a three-second shot of him picking up an umbrella and it was called "How to Pick Up an Umbrella".

Some of his newer ones actually get a little disturbing. Like the one below called "How to Stop Snoring", where this guy just mutilates a dead fish.

Just goes to show that you can't believe everything you see on the internet, but sometimes it can be strange and entertaining.  Enjoy!