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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - Fetch Can Kill
#2 - Smart TV, Not So Smart Viewer
#3 - Fido Got Impounded


Fetch Can Kill

You didn't know it . . . but apparently fetching sticks can KILL your dog.   Veterinarians say splinters in the mouth can cause dogs to choke, bleed to death, or develop a lethal INFECTION.  And serious injuries can occur if they run toward a stick that's jammed in the ground.  So use fake bones, rubber balls, or Frisbees instead.  (Daily Mail)


Smart TV, Not So Smart Viewer

A 31-year-old in Massachusetts found out his neighbor would be out on Friday, so he busted in and stole her 46-inch flat-screen TV.  And he got away with it too.  The only problem is . . . he couldn't figure out how to WORK it.  So he went BACK to her apartment on Sunday, to ask for the REMOTE.  He was arrested. (AP)


Fido Got Impounded

A 14-week-old terrier and schnauzer mix puppy was left in a car in Kansas City in April.  The car got impounded, and the dog spent a MONTH in the car before anyone noticed him.  Somehow he survived on leftover McDonald's food . . . and CIGARS.  The dog's weight has TRIPLED in the last month and a half, and he got adopted by a family last week.  They're naming him Kia. (