Do you love trivia games?  Finding out random bits of information?

Here are five random facts to help you get through your day, or that you can use to impress your friends - or not...Here are today's five random facts:

1.  During the movie "Kingpin", Bill Murray's character has to roll three strikes in a row to win the final tournament.  The scene wasn't edited . . . Bill Murray actually rolled three strikes in a row on the first take.

2.  There are ridges around the edges of quarters because they used to be made of silver, and people would shave a little silver off the sides since it was so valuable.  So the ridges made sure people could tell if the quarters had been shaved.

3.  There was once a three-way pro baseball game.  In 1944, the Yankees, Dodgers, and Giants played to raise money for World War Two.  Each team batted three times against both other teams' pitching and defense.  The Dodgers won.

4.  There are approximately 200 different types of fungi on your foot right now.

5.  Approximately one out of every eight workers in the U.S. has worked for McDonald's at some point in their lives.

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