He's Back! Country legend Garth Brooks entered semi-retirement in 2001 near the height of his popularity to raise his three daughters in Oklahoma. Since then he has performed an extended run in Las Vegas and done a few charity shows, but largely stayed true to his fatherhood plan until his youngest daughter graduated from high school. His comeback will continue later this month with multiple shows in Atlanta before he moves on to Jacksonville, Florida, next month. Now he's back on stage and back on tour. ""You came back, you came back!" Brooks yelled at the Allstate Arena crowd in the Chicago suburbs where he plans 10 more shows. He later told his fans, "I could not ask for a better start than this, people." Not only is Garth back live but he's finally set it up to get his music digitally. "he was releasing his back catalog bundled with his next two albums of new music through a digital pay service, ghosttunes.com, which he founded and partly owns, making his music available digitally for the first time. Brooks will continue his comeback by releasing albums in November and fall 2015." Yup he's back. http://nr.news-republic.com/Web/ArticleWeb.aspx?regionid=1&articleid=28402739&m=d