YeeeeeeHaawwww!!!!  Today we pay homage to the man who has been making country music cool to listen to for more than three decades.  Happy Birthday, George Strait!

He charted his first hit single, Unwound, way back in 1981.  He would capture his first Academy of Country Music Top Male Vocalist award in 1984.  Last year he was named the ACM Artist of the Decade.  His tours are always among the top grossing.  He continues to inspire new musical talent along the way.  He's sold more than 68 million records and the hits just keep coming.  He acts.  And he's still not a member of the Grand Ole Opry--not too shabby, 'King George!'

It just comes easy, if I know me, by the light of the burning bridge, I just want to dance with you, somewhere down in Texas, what do you say to that?  If you ain't lovin', Adalida, it just comes natural, I've come to expect it from you, easy come, easy go, you're something special to me, go on, today my world slipped away, desperately, wrapped, I saw God today, you know me better than that, who do you love?  If the World was a honky tonk, she'll leave you with a smile, you'll be there, as far as it goes, I know she still loves me,  love without end, amen, true, right or wrong, let's fall to pieces together, one night at a time, check yes or no, what's going on in your world?  Run, lead on, drinking champagne, we really shouldn't be doing this, I cross my heart, famous last words of a fool, i gotta get to you, twang, does Fort Worth ever cross your mind?

Whoa!  That was fun!  That's not even close to all of them-but now I'm done.  Thanks much to cowboys like us, George, and many, many more happy birthdays to come.