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#1 - Stick'em Up... and say 'Aaaah'!
#2 - Smoked Out By YouTube
#3 - Grand Theft Out Of It

Stick'em Up... and say 'Aaaah'!

An Oregon man found a novel way to lower his medical care costs – by robbing a bank of one dollar, so that he could be arrested and finally see a doctor.

Timothy Dean Alsip walked into a Bank of America branch last Friday and handed a teller a note saying, "This is a hold-up. Give me a dollar." She did as instructed, handing over a single bill, which Alsip took over to a chair in the lobby, where he waited for cops to arrive.

The 50-year-old surrendered willingly, telling cops he was in desperate need of medical attention and knew the only way he'd receive it is if he was in jail. The robbery charge was dismissed, but he remains behind bars, since he still needs to post $40,000 bond. (New York Daily News)


Smoked Out By YouTube

A New Hampshire man's attempt to teach agriculture on YouTube went up in smoke when cops saw his pot-growing tutorial videos and went to his home – where they found more than a dozen marijuana plants and a pound of weed.

Kyle Berry had posted more than 30 videos explaining the ins and outs of the pot-growing business on YouTube, but got a little less careful as time went on – to the point where one of the clips featured a shot of a sticker with his name and address.

The local sheriff said, "There’s indications that he was selling the product. This isn't the first grow he’s had. He’s not the brightest person in the world." (Opposing Views)


Grand Theft Out Of It

A Florida woman was busted on DUI charges after failing a field sobriety test, but she decided to try for a do-over – by trying to drive off in the arresting officer's patrol car when he wasn't paying attention.

Sara Ashley Kirksey was initially pulled over for running a red light, but when the deputy smelled alcohol, he took things a step further and found her to be impaired. After being tossed into the cruiser's back seat, Kirksey slipped out of her handcuffs and climbed through the divider window and slid into the driver's seat – punching the cop several times and getting the car into gear before being subdued.

She now faces battery charges in addition to the driving violations. (South Florida Sun-Sentinel)