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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - Man Spends $392k on Dolls
#2 - Take the Car... Not My Dog
#3 - Grave Rockin'

Man Spends $392k on Dolls

A 33-year-old man in Singapore has spent nearly $392,000 over 20 years collecting one thing – dolls.

Jian Yang's boyhood interest turned into an obsession when his parents wouldn’t allow him to own a Barbie. That all changed when he turned 13 and started earning his own allowance. He says, “That’s where I started getting the freedom to buy whatever I wanted.” And he's been buying them ever since.

Yang shares his townhouse with 6,000 Barbies... something he says hasn't gone over well with his girlfriends.

“I’ve got ex-girlfriends who get insecure about this kind of stuff… They look at dolls and go, ‘OK, that’s the competition,’ which is quite troubling but it’s a reality.”

Yang's interest in toys is professional as well as personal. He serves as director of strategy at Omicom Media Group, whose clientele includes the toy-maker Hasbro. (Reuters)


Take the Car... Not My Dog

A Missouri man whose SUV was stolen with his dog inside said the thieves can have his car, title and all ... he just wants his dog back.

Doug Clark's SUV was stolen in the middle of the day while he was inside a metal shop. Clark said he left the car running with the air conditioning on because his pug, Dugout, was inside.

The thieves, a man and a woman, were caught on the shop's security camera, and according to Clark they were the people in front of him in line.

"As she was collecting her money, the man actually walked out and he walked and hopped in my vehicle. She followed shortly. Of course I didn't know this; I was standing in the office," Clark said.

Clark said he will give the thieves the title to his car if they just bring Dugout back to the family. "Absolutely, title stands. They bring me Dugout back, and I'll hand them the title," he said. (UPI)


Grave Rockin'

For those who can't imagine life − or death − without music, a Swedish company is selling $30,000 coffins that come with speakers and a Spotify account to stream songs into your final resting place.

What makes the CataCombo Sound System coffins different is that they have two-way speakers − which means the living can hear what's playing six feet under. And the headstone comes with a digital display to let visitors know what song is playing.

The company, Pause Ljud & Bild, said its first customer, Fredrik Hjelmquist, is letting strangers add tracks to his "Pause 4-ever" playlist. (UPI)