What do you get when you mix drugs, musicians, and a cheesy movie from the 70's? This! (whatever the hell this is...)

The Possum Posse, according to their website:

is the world's premier sardonic honky-tonk bluegrass band, not that anybody cares about that. Based in Austin, TX, they try (sometimes much too hard) to win over audiences by playing memorable originals as well as mashed-up versions of urban cult-classics and girlie-pop favorites.

Their biggest success to date is a series of videos they made featuring clips from the 1978 movie Buffalo Rider. Basically, they just sing about what's happening in the video.

Sounds weird - and it is - but I just can't stop watching it. Above is all of the videos in one long montage. Below is "Buffalo Rider", the movie they stole the clips from. Enjoy!