In light of recent security breaches into credit databases at some of the worlds largest retailers, a lot of us are now much more protective of our credit information.  But do you know how thieves will use your credit info?

If you're scanning your credit card statement for fraudulent charges, you're probably looking for a $1,000 purchase at Best Buy or some mysterious charge for a first class ticket on Air Mexico.  But credit thieves are actually betting that THIS fraud probably would never catch your eye.

According to the Better Business Bureau, you should be scanning your credit card statements and see if you've been charged for exactly $9.84.  Yes, $9.84!

Apparently a giant network of scammers from around the world have been making those small charges on lots of people's credit cards.

They figured it was easier to avoid being noticed stealing $10 from one million people, than $1 million from 10 people.

The $9.84 charge will look like it's coming from a generic company and you wouldn't recognize the name, so you'd probably just think it was a restaurant or something as you were glancing over your statement.

If you find you have a random $9.84 charge on your card, call your credit card company immediately, report it, and get a new card.

Source: (Huffington Post)