Undefeated heavyweight boxer Deontay Wilder took matters into his own hands to put a stop to an internet troll's harassment of him and his family.  According to Wilder, Charlie Zelenoff has been harassing Wilder and his family for years via social media and via phone calls.

Zelenoff is a wannabe boxer who had taken to stalking the pro fighter and had been trolling Wilder for years with harassing phone calls and personal jabs on social media.

Deontay Wilder is an American fighter and is the first contender for the WBC heavyweight championship with a record of 31 wins and no losses, will all of his wins coming by way of knockout.

Wilder claims Charlie has not only hurled racial slurs at him but also made disparaging comments about his young daughter, who was diagnosed with spina bifida.

Zelenoff had recently challenged Wilder to fight him at a boxing gym in L.A. and Wilder, deciding enough was enough and showed up to meet him at the Hollywood Boxing Gym late Wednesday night.