This story is so sweet it will bring a tear to your eye. Mitchell Marcus is the mentally challenged team manager for the Coronado High School Thunderbirds in El Paso. 

Mitchell has been a basketball fan all of his life, and on the last game of the regular season Coach Peter Morales was going to put Mitchell in the game, no matter if his team was winning or losing... Mitchell was going to play.

With less than two minutes in the game, and Coronado leading by 10 points, Coach Morales put Mitchell in the game, and the crowd started chanting "MITCHELL, MITCHELL, MITCHELL".

Mitchell's teammates did all they could to help him score a basket. They would pass him the ball and he would miss the shot, or once they passed it to him and he booted it out of bounds, turning the ball over to the other team again and again.

Just when it looked like Mitchell would not get his chance to score, the most kind hearted, and touching thing happened. Franklin High School senior, Jonathan Montenez called out Mitchell's name, then threw the ball right to him for one of the most memorable turn-overs of all time. You MUST see this...

In the end Coronado won by 15 points, but when a game is played with this much sportsmanship... both teams win!