The opening of the new movie in the series of the Hobbitt opened tonight in Casper. So I went down there and talked to a few people. First was my nephew Simon Shutts. He works at the Theaters. And understands the mentality of theater going people. LOL.  "This is a pretty big deal. The Hobbitt is huge with most of my friends. We got turned on to the books from our parents and "others" that gave us the insight about how cool the books were. The movies are awesome." Talking to some of the movie goers I asked them if they read the books as well. Two said no. One said "Look. This is meaningful on a number of levels. These books came out years ago when there were those that searched for a new meaning and a new attitude in terms of the fantasy. We're not gamers but we're intellectuals that understand the complexities of these books. And now the movies." Deep. Even for me.