You might remember a couple years back, a homeless man with a golden voice was discovered on the streets and became famous almost overnight.  Well now there is a new video making the social media rounds of a man who appears homeless doing voice impressions for food.

In this video, a car drives up to a shirtless guy on the street who's supposedly homeless with the ability to do amazing impressions.  But it immediately seems suspicious when he starts doing characters from "Breaking Bad", which has its series finale this Sunday.

You might be thinking to yourself - "Homeless people don't have access to "Breaking Bad" episodes, this was faked" - and you'd be correct.  It turns out this video is a fake, and the guy is actually a voice actor in Hollywood named Miles Allen.  Still, most of the impressions are pretty good.  He does Walt . . . which is just okay . . . Jesse Pinkman . . . Walt's son . . . and one of Walt's former partner-in-crime, Mike.  Here's a clip of the impressions.

We hope you have an A-1 day!!!