Get your rafts ready for the Great River Raft Race as it makes it's return to the North Platte River on July 11th, 2015.

Doesn't matter what materials your raft is made of, wood, metal, plastic or other, just as long as it is ready to float.  You can also use kayaks, canoes or inflatables, but where's the imagination in that?

As soon as the Great River Raft Race was announced, my mind started thinking about all the types of rafts my crew could build and what would be the best way to secure it all together to float the river.

After a quick search I found a couple of great resources.  The first is a site that details lots of different home made raft designs and helps in pointing you in the right direction to build each. Take a peak for help and ideas - Home Made Rafting Association.

The other is in the graphic below and was found on the Eagles Nest Outfitters website and is kind of what I have in mind or something similar.  It's a hammock raft!

Even without the hammocks, this design is quick and easy to put together and could be decorated to fit your theme.

Be sure to grab your tickets to the Great River Raft Race as everyone who is going to float, will need to have a ticket in order to launch at the race's starting point.

Click the link for more info and to purchase your tickets and we'll see you at the Great River Raft Race.