With the ACM Awards right around the corner, the competition for votes in the fan voted categories is heating up. Artists like ACM New Artist of the Year nominee Hunter Hayes are trying to get your votes by any means necessary!

Several artists have recorded videos asking for your vote, but Hunter isn't satisfied with just one silly video asking fans for votes. Last week, he posted YouTube video of himself as a child performing with Hank Williams Junior, and this week he's gone for cute kittens - twice.

Taylor Swift, the 2010 Entertainer of the Year, used a similar tactic when she tried to teach her kitten, Meredith, about ACM voting.

If one video of cute kittens is good - two is better right?

Here is the original voteacm.com - kitten video from Taylor Swift.

Tell us, does the use of cute videos sway your vote? If not, what criteria do you use to select which artist gets your vote?