Hunting season and fall fishing are in full swing and if you're someone who utilizes public walk-in areas you need to know that there have been changes in access in some areas.

Each year I depend on the kindness of private land owners for access to hunt or fish on their lands.  One of the best ways for the public to access private lands in Wyoming is through the state's 'Access Yes' program.

The 'Access Yes' program is for land owners who wish to participate and open up portions of their property for public access and receive compensation from the state in return.  But all to often, folks who access these lands don't respect them!  From the leaving of trash or through the damaging equipment, fences, etc. and this is causing land owners to re-think their participation in the program.

I for one, appreciate land owners and their sharing access to hunting and fishing opportunities!  But for those who have used walk-in areas for hunting or fishing in years past, need to check each year to make sure your intended walk-in area is still available.

Wyoming Game and Fish has had several private land owners remove their 'Access Yes' areas from the program.  I discovered this on a recent hunting trip and found out that one of my favorite spots is no longer open to the public.

Trespassing in Wyoming is a serious offense and hunters as well as fishermen need to be absolutely positive of who's property they are on and if it's an included walk-in area and available to the public for access.  Trespassing in Wyoming is a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment for not more than six (6) months, a fine of not more than seven hundred fifty dollars ($750.00), or both.

Be sure to know before you go!  Here are a couple links to help you check on public walk-in area access.

Access Yes -

Hunting -

Fishing -