Douglas High School was the site of the memorial service for a U.S Marine killed in action earlier this month.

The Wyoming Marine, born on a marine base and killed in combat, was laid to rest today in Douglas, Wyoming.

22-yr-old, Lance Corporal, Sean Micheal O’Connor, enlisted straight out of High School. It was what he always wanted to do. He returned to Afghanistan in March of this year.

“Lance Corporal, Sean O’Connor, could be summed up in one short saying, ‘I may not always be perfect, but I’ll always be me.’”

Douglas School Teacher, Ed Sheridan, eulogized Sean at the memorial Wednesday morning.

“He went to be a soldier to make someone else’s life be the same type of life he led. I don’t think he went there to be a hero, or to be anything, but to help the people that were there have better lives.”

Sheridan, remembered Lance Corporal O’Connor as a quiet guy who let others have the glory. O’Connor had been due to complete his service in March, but chose instead to return to the front with his fellow marines. Sheridan, in his reflections, named O’Connor as the ultimate warrior who wanted to be with his warrior brothers and he wanted to make a difference.

Lance Corporal O’Connor, was killed while on foot patrol in  Sangin, Afghanistan on June 12th.  He is survived by his parents Dee and Dan and his sister Sarah.

In lieu of gifts, the family suggest a contribution to the Wounded Warrior Project, care of Converse County Bank in the name of Lance Corporal, Sean O’Connor.