Rock 96.7's very own Tee Roy and myself were eating yesterday and by chance, something hit the floor. The two of us being men, the 5-Second Rule came into play. But now that I'm older (and I don't actually know when the last time our office floors were cleaned), I don't trust that. I've always been more of a 3-second or less rule person myself, but even that seems a bit sketchy. So like most people in our day and age, I took to the internet for an easy answer.

DJ Nyke, Townsquare Media

Did you know, 50% of men actually follow the 5-Second Rule, but 70% of women do? And here's another shocking statistic: over 75% of our shoes have fecal matter on them (yes... dung, sh*t, poo, feces, etc.) and our feet touch the floor many times daily. Guess what else also has fecal matter on it a high percentage of the time? Currency (bills) and ATM/credit cards, so I hope you wash your hands before you eat.

After watching the above video... I'm positive I'll never eat anything off the floor again (not that I was in the habit of doing it anyway).