Is the media out to crucify Tim Tebow? And if they are, then why?

Larry Taunton of the USA Today posted a article on Friday and it talks about why so many commentators and analysts are "Anti" Tebow.  He paints an interesting picture of how many announcers complain that there isn't enough good to talk about in pro football.  With the likes of Michael Vick's dog fighting problems, various drug convictions or league substance violations, the problems in the NFL run deep and have for generations.

Then along comes a quarterback, a college superstar, a Heisman trophy winner, a two time BCS national champion and as Larry puts it - a QB with a collegiate resume that Tom Brady (QB of the New England Patriots) could only dream of.  Tim Tebow is now the starting QB for the Denver Broncos and under his leadership in the past 6 games, Tebow's team has 5 wins and 1 loss. So why does it seem as though everyone so "Anti" Tebow?

Analysts constantly compare him to the elite QB's of the league and add comments like - his arm isn't strong enough, not accurate enough, not suited for the NFL game, etc...  But with 5 wins to only one loss and an ability to avoid making game losing mistakes, why are the haters being so vocal? Why is everyone down on Tim Tebow?

Hell, even his own coaches do little to offer public support!

Is it because Tim Tebow offers his glory to God and praises his teammates, coaches and family for their great efforts and for supporting him?  Is it because we don't believe anyone can be that good or that pure in his intentions and praise?  Maybe.  At least that's the thought that Larry pushes forward in his article.

In the wake of all the bad news that surrounds public figures and sports athletes, why don't we support the ones that appear to be genuine?  What are we afraid of? Or are we just waiting to see if and when Tim Tebow screws up, so that we can feel better about ourselves?

Read Larry Taunton's article - Click Here via - USAToday


Regardless of the Nay-Sayers, Denver Broncos fans are rejoicing over Tim Tebow and have faith he will lead their team back to the playoffs and beyond.