I enjoy what other Wyomingites write about our beloved Cowboy State. One native calls it a, “Frontier" state, and even defined that.

Deborah Bassett is on quora.com, a site "to share and grow the world's knowledge.” I thought Deborah could exaggerate a bit, but she seems like she's always a fun read. One blog included a frontier state as having 50 percent of its county’s populations per square mile less than six.

Deborah also said, “Along I-80, towns are 100 miles apart, so when you see a rest area, stop.” Of course, that’s not really true. It just feels like it.

I did a search to see if there is really a definition of  “Frontier State” for today’s world. On frontierus.org, sure enough, in 1997 a two government agencies developed a matrix to identify these areas, updated in 2007, and again in 2012.

Don’t laugh now, but the most recent report referred to areas that are, “frontier and remote,” or FAR.

On the other hand, RuralHealthInfo.org posted in March 2016, “Unfortunately, there is not a single universally accepted definition of frontier ... for state and federal programs.” I immediately thought, “Oh yes there is! Didn’t y'all see Frontier U.S.?”

Whatever frontier does or doesn't mean, I'm not offended by it - you? I mean we are good at laughing at ourselves - aren't we?