I thought it would be great if we took one day every week to honor the late great Kaycee Cowboy, Chris LeDoux. One of my best memories of Chris LeDoux was way back in the day...sometime around 1995 I believe.  Chris was getting ready to perform at the Casper Events Center, and I had the privilege of introducing him to the anxious crowd.  This was my first time introducing someone famous to a big crowd, so needless to say, I was nervous.  As I waited for my time to hit the stage for the introduction, all the words were running through my head in hopes to keep them straight in order to not mess things up!  Then I noticed Chris pacing behind the stage.  I approached Chris and asked him if he was nervous and he told me he always got nervous performing in Casper because it was like his hometown and he did not want to disappoint!  I could understand that because as a singer myself, I probably get the most nervous in front of  people I know.  Somehow, that put me at ease a bit and I was able to make it through the introduction without incident.

I'll be working on making "Chris LeTuesday's" a weekly feature during my show and here on the website, so keep an ear on the radio and an eye on the website for details!

In the meantime...one of my very favorite songs of Chris' is "Tougher Than The Rest".  Enjoy!