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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - Five Items or Less = Five Years or More
#2 - Salty Fine
#3 - Jailhouse Rolling Rock

Five Items or Less = Five Years or More

Cops busted a Cleveland-area man for stealing a quantity of crystal meth from his local Wal-Mart – after he mixed the batch from items he'd swiped off the store's shelves.

As security cameras watched, Thomas Richardson walked through the store grabbing the basic ingredients to create the dangerous drug – which are all perfectly legal on their own. He then snagged a large salt shaker and walked into the men's room where he combined and blended the mixture, a method users call "shake and bake."

Richardson is being held on theft and drug charges – the sixth time he's been busted on the latter. (Examiner)


Salty Fine

A 24-year-old woman in Wales was fined $538 after dropping a small packet of salt in a parking lot.

Laura Howells said she accidentally dropped the packet while eating her KFC takeout and was issued a littering ticket for $101.

Howells said, “I was eating lunch in the car and must have dropped it by accident. I am not the type of person who ever litters.”

Howell attempted to fight the fine in court and ended up with a total fine of $538 when she was tried under the Environmental Protection Act. (UPI)


Jailhouse Rolling Rock

A Pennsylvania man got burned after he decided to stop at a bar and drink a toast – to celebrate the fact that he'd broken out of prison just minutes before.

Timothy Bonner was being booked into the Smith Township police station on an assault charge, but when officers removed his handcuffs and put him in a holding cell, Bonner managed to knock the cell door off its hinges and escape from the building. He made his first stop at a friend's house, where he borrowed a pair of shoes, and then headed out in search of liquid refreshment.

Since he'd surrendered his wallet at the police station, he asked a fellow patron at the bar to buy him a beer, and Robert Smith complied. Smith said, "He didn't even get to take a drink of it before they slammed him on the bar. He was only here a few minutes before police showed up." (WXPI)