I had to hurry and get this posted while there's still a little time before lunch. Forgive me, I just couldn't resist. Every once in a story comes along that just sounds too good to be true, and here it is. Score! A Japanese artist took raising awareness to unimaginable extremes. He served his fully prepared and cooked man parts to expecting diners who actually paid for the privilege.  

Mao Sugiyama, 22,  is a devoted, if not somehat disturbed, man. Describing himself as "asexual," or "without gender," Mao took the unusual step to promote awareness for sexual minorities. 

Five diners paid around $250 each for the new delicacy, which was "seasoned and braised," and apparently came with "mushrooms and a parsley garnish." Dinner was declared clean and free of infections, applicable laws were met, and the entire process was supervised by a certified cook. Everyone had to sign a waiver before chowing down.

This is CRAZY! Takes you back to your fraternity years, doesn't it?

"I receive questions from some women and men... asking 'Will there be a next time? Please host it again.' But there is only one set of male organ," he tweeted on May 16.

"Unfortunately, I have no plan for the next time."

Mao had originally planned to eat them himself, but decided to entrance customers so he could have help with his medical bills. Another funny footnote to the story, police in Tokyo knew this was all going down, but said, "it had not broken the law as canni'ball'ism isn't illegal in Japan."

Get the full account here. Happy Friday!