Michael Becker/Fox TV

"American Idol" may be stuggling a bit in the ratings this year, but what better way to increase them than with some drama?  How about a crossover episode with "America's Most Wanted"?

As fans know by now, "Idol" finalist Jermaine Jones aka "The Gentle Giant" is now ex-finalist Jermaine Jones as of Wednesday nights show.  It was revealed that, among other things, he has four outstanding arrest warrants spanning over the last few years.

They mostly seem to involve drinking, according to TMZ and other websites, but coupled with some other behavioral issues apparently they're enough so "Idol" wants him gone.

Why do contestants think they can get away with such things?  That's harder to answer.

Maybe because they've kept their secret for so long...they actually have forgotten it themselves?  Or maybe they simply don't fully grasp the strength of the spotlight "Idol" shines.

Or maybe they figure the potential value of publicity and an "Idol" spot outweighs any potential downside.

It's not like Jermaine Jones will spend significant time in jail... he'll pay the penalty and now, thanks to Idol he's out there and people know his name.

Before American Idol, he was more like one more insignificant fugitive.

Sounds like everybody comes out shinning on this one...