Stories like these just leave me shaking my head. I guess I'm not the only one. Finally less shaky heads have prevailed and the Gettysburg Battlefield gift shop has agreed to stop selling John Wilkes Booth bobblehead figures.

We got the scoop from NBC 4 in Washington D.C. The kitschy dolls had only been on sale for a week in the Gettysburg National Military Park visitors' center bookstore before a reporter from Hanover, Pennsylvania's Evening Sun Newspaper made an iquiry.  And that was all she bobbled.

"On rare occasions, there's an item that might cause concern, and obviously the bobbleheads appeared to be doing that," Gettysburg Foundation spokeswoman Dru Anne Neil said Tuesday.

The dolls have been available for sale online, so there might still be some hope for you presidential assasination artifact collectors. They go for about twenty bucks and come in a box that looks like historic Ford's Theatre, where our 16th commander-in-chief would ultimately meet his fate.
     There's no question that these Booth Bobblers are in bad taste, especially when you see them placed prominently next to his victim (also immortalized as a bobblehead) who many consider the greatest president that our country has ever known. As I often do, I'll let you be the judge.
      The funniest thing about these stories to me, are the comments that people respond with. Take this clever quip for instance:  "No problem...they can easily be repackaged as Edgar Allan Poe Bobbleheads..."
...just thought you should know!