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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - Slowed Down By Fast Food
#2 - Picking Locks in the Florida Keys
#3 - Kicked By My Bucket List

Slowed Down By Fast Food

A Florida bus driver had egg on her face after a passenger complained that she nearly got him fired by making him late for work, because she pulled into a McDonald's for breakfast in the middle of her route.

Bus driver Yolanda Davis stopped at the side of the road to run into the restaurant for an Egg McMuffin and passenger Devon Start says the delay almost cost him his job at telemarketing company, where his bosses aren't as understanding as the driver's supervisors. They insist that the pit stop was not a violation of their rules, because drivers are allowed to pause for food as long as the stop doesn't take more than five minutes and they don't eat while driving.

Start, who filed an official complaint anyway, said that Davis could've made up for the incident in a very simple way. He says, "Maybe if she'd gotten some for everybody it'd be a different story, but she didn't even think to do that.'' (South Florida Sun-Sentinel)


Picking Locks in the Florida Keys

Two Florida women who were looking for a place to spend the night ended up finding one in a nearby jail – after they decided to break into a stranger's house in order to make some dinner and take a quick nap.

Mariela Abarca and Janel Vega were on a road trip to the Florida Keys when they spotted the pad and decided to check in because "it was on a canal, had a hammock hanging outside and looked like there was no one around." Unfortunately for them, a nearby property manager noticed that someone was wandering around the house, which was supposed to be vacant, and called cops.

While they claimed they only went inside to watch TV because the sliding door was already open, deputies found that the door had been forced open. The women are charged with burglary, criminal mischief and trespassing. (South Florida Sun Sentinel)


Kicked By My Bucket List

Two Florida women ended up in the can after a failed attempt to cross an item off their "bucket list" – by shoplifting some items from their local Wal-Mart.

Old BFFs Andrea Mobley and Jennifer Morrow hadn't seen each other in ages, and after a reunion chat, they decided that the best way to bond was over some beef jerky – which they'd steal from the store, along with a pair of bathing suits. A security camera spotted the pair concealing the items, and guards called cops to the store to haul them off.

Mobley told a Florida newspaper they were just "two stupid women" doing something they'd never done before. She added she's ashamed. (Ocala Star-Banner)