Two weeks can seem like an eternity when you’re waiting for something you really want — and Lady Antebellum fans are feeling it right now, counting down the days until the September 13 release of the band’s highly anticipated third album, ‘Own the Night.’

But if you’ve been impatiently marking down the days, we’ve got some good news — and a pair of new songs for you to enjoy.

Lady Antebellum released a new single Monday, offering the ‘Own the Night’ track ‘Dancin’ Away with My Heart’ for sale on iTunes. A reflective ballad about love lost, it looks back with lines like “I haven’t seen you in ages / Sometimes I find myself wondering where you are / For me you’ll always be 18 / And beautiful / And dancing away with my heart.”

And thanks to YouTube, fans can also hear the band doing a live performance of another song from the new album, the uptempo track ‘Friday Night.’ Offering plenty of bright harmonies from Charles Kelley and Hillary Scott, it celebrates carefree love: “I wanna be your lemonade in the shade / Put me in your pocket ’cause you just got paid, babe / I wanna be your Friday night sweet ride / Summertime sunshine barefoot in the moonlight.”

Enjoy the new tunes, Lady A fans!

[Taste of Country]