Hey Diary!
Here we are! 25 days out, as of this writing, until the big day. The default tune running through my head is Da Dunt Da Duh, Da DUNT Da Duh...! My head is beginning to swirl with last minute items that I was blind to while enjoying the premature bliss surrounding my last entry.  As my future bride would say..."Huuh boy!"



Yeah! My stress level has risen in the last month, and rightly so. We're not in panic mode or anything, yet, but it has dawned on us that we only have a month - one short month - to finalize all of our details, check off all of our last minute items, cross all of our "t's," dot all of our "i's," and perform any other idioms I can think of to describe the situation.

I know I've said it before, but I am so ready to get this &%#$$ wedding planning over with. Most guys would be partially dreading the actual wedding date and the impending loss of their supreme manhood, virility, single stature, freedom, and so on. Not me...bring that on! I’m looking forward to waking up, staring my beautiful new wife in the face, and not having a single thing on the agenda besides tickling our cats, and watching some of our favorite…okay, my favorite old Hee Haw episodes.


We’ve actually done ourselves a very small disservice in this area by deciding on two weddings, so to speak. We’re having an intimate legally binding one in one of our favorite locations for immediate family and friends. Then we’re really partying four short days later with a blowout reception in our hometown. The latter is the one where everything needs to be in place with the lights, the crepe paper, the food, the music, the decorations, the ambiance, and the patience. I'm afraid to say that we're probably about to be tested.

Only I would put all of this effort and resolve into my wedding, only to have to recreate it on an even grander scale a few short days later. Well, only I “and” my fiancée. We are so made for each other! I just hope we’re speaking after the initial vows. :)


The reception is going to be huge. Booze is ordered. Band is ready. Oh…glad you reminded me. I have to get our song list finalized. Where was I? Called parrot preacher to make sure he was still on board. Found someone to video the ceremonious occasion. Geez, sorry. I’m jumping all over the place.  Checked out electricity situation to make sure the band wouldn’t be blowing any breakers, because that would suck. We also mapped the place to begin getting things configured. 

On another upside, we attended a friend’s wedding over the weekend. It was cool because we were able to sort of use it as a dry run to observe and visualize.  Plus, we had a really good time! I’m proud to say that I’m still capable of busting out my signature move, the 90-degree splits. Honey talked this up to her fellow bridesmaids, so there was no way I was getting out of it. Pretty sure this is happening at mine too. Let's hope the rental trousers are loose.


Oh, and Diary - If my girl is anywhere as close to as stunning as a bride, as she is as bridesmaid, her name should be Helen, and I’m glad I’ve invited no Paris to come and steal her in the night. Yeah, that good! I’m a lucky man! It’s not lost on me either that the famed greek, Helen, whose face launched a thousand ships…was from Troy. 

I think we can consider this the home stretch. I also hope that when I take to you again, which will probably be the last one before the big day, Diary, I can safely say that we are a go for launch. 

Talk to you soon!   

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