According to, Little Big Town's Kimberly Schlapman knows a thing or two about how to have a happy marriage and family when you're living the life of a performing musician.

Kimberley's husband Steven and daughter Daisy join her on the road -- as do the spouses and children of the other band members -- but whether they're on tour or at home, there's one maxim Kimberly and Steven follow. Perhaps that is why it was fairly easy for her to tell us the one piece of advice she'd offer Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert for making sure their marriage stays positive:

"It's so important in marriage to let the little things go and let the pride go," Kimberly tells The Boot. "Forgiveness is so important, and communication. Don't major on the minors."

The advice is so sage that the happily married Karen Fairchild and Jimi Westbrook, plus the married Phillip Sweet, wholeheartedly agreed without any addendum.

Why argue with success? Kimberly and Steven's daughter, Daisy, who's almost three-and-a-half is another happy member of the Little Big Town family. She especially loves life on the road: playing with the other kids, watching her extended family perform, and pretending that she's a real-live princess.

"She'd rather not sleep ... ever," Kimberly says. "She wishes every minute could be morning. She's just so funny and happy. I always think, 'How can this get any better?'"

I've been lucky enough to be married to the man of my dreams for almost 15 years now (6-1-96) and I too, have some advice for Blake & Miranda:

10.  Never go to bed mad at one another...or maybe just one at the other (lol)

9.  Always kiss me goodnight...goodbye..good morning...kiss me ok?!?!?! and hug me too!

8.  Keep your hobbies, whether they are yours or both...don't let them go

7.  Always make time for one another

6.  Always make time for yourself

5. Communicate, never assume, listen...I mean REALLY listen!

4.  Agree to's ok! (Fight naked ;) ), but never, EVER use (threaten)the "D" word (Divorce)

3. Have date night...once a week!

2.  Always respect one another

1.  Live, Laugh & Love...ALWAYS!

What marriage advice would you give to the superstars?