Finally!  After all these years, Cowboy Troy is going to get some closure on LeAnn Rimes.  I've been a fan from way back in the day when she was a youngster.

Just to give you an idea where I was at the time--I was here at the company.   My Country was but a dream whose time had not come.  I was working overnights on K2 Radio.  We ran a satellite trucking program at the time called The Midnight Cowboy.  That cowboy would be Bill Mack, who just happened to have written songs like Drinkin' Champagne, which would become a hit for George Strait, and Blue, a song that would land LeAnn Rimes in the forefront.

Bill would joke about pulling in extra royalties and play the song whenever he got the chance.  That 's how I first came to know LeAnn.

Back to the point.  LeAnn is the subject of Backstory: LeAnn Rimes, a 90-minute bio-documentary airing on GAC.  It traces her career back to its earliest point, and LeAnn herself shares insights on the troubled relationship between her and her father, Wilbur, who started off as her manager.

"From the time I was 14 to 16 and a half I did 500 shows.  I was worn out, I was done," she recalls.

As LeAnn sought a loosening of the grip by her father, his own marriage would fall apart.  She would eventually file suit against her father and her record label.  She would lose.

Backstory also goes into detail about the events that led up to her relationship with fiancé, Eddie Cibrian, who LeAnn would meet on a movie set.  They would set tails wagging due to both of them being married to others at the time. 

Sounds juicy, huh?  Catch it beginning this Sunday night on GAC.