It has been about three months since Casper has been "smoke free".  September 1, 2012 marked the first day of a new era of smoke free establishments in Casper.  How is Casper living with the change?

The ordinance came with mixed reviews.  Majority of Casper showed support to ban smoking.  Strong opposing efforts were put in to practice to gain signatures to get the agenda on a public ballot, but the signatures came up short.  Businesses had the opportunity to state their cases to the Casper City Council, but in the end the smoking ban was put into effect.  Local bars and eateries were faced with the issue of what to do to cater to their smoking patrons.  Many bars built outdoor smoking patios to give their smoking clientele a designated place that was still a part of the establishment, opposed to sending them to the sidewalk.  Local night spots that were once avoided by some, because of the smoking factor, are now being visited by new consumers.

Surrounding towns; Mills, Evansville, and Bar Nunn, are exempt from this ordinance because they are out of Casper city limits.  Businesses in these townships are seeing slightly more business due to the smoking ban.  To relax in an environment where smoking is allowed is the preference of a number of citizens, and they don't mind traveling a little further to enjoy that.  So far the non smoking experience seems to be working out for Casper.  Public non smoking establishments are a growing trend in the country.  In other states there are few, if any, places that allow smoking indoors.  Casper is now alongside the bulk of "smoke free" America.